EXTINT is a multilingual script consulting agency founded by Elina Fessa with the aim to help scripts reach their highest international potential.

Elina studied Art at Yale University (B.A.) and Film at Columbia University (MFA), FAMU and La Femís. Her scripts have been selected in prestigious international laboratories like the Berlinale Script Station, the SGAE Foundation screenwriting lab and the MFI Script 2 Film lab where she has worked with some of the best script consultants in the industry such as Christina Lazaridi, Ana Sanz-Magallón, Franz Rodenkirchen, Louise Gough and Gyula Gaztag.

Having lived in a number of different countries including Greece, U.S.A., Czech Republic, France, Switzerland and Spain, where she is currently based, she has gotten to meet filmmakers from literally all over the globe. As a result, she’s had the opportunity to consult on projects that have stemmed from as far away as Canada, Malaysia, Peru, Japan, Ukraine.

Elina loves films that give her the chance to travel and serve as a window to another place, a different situation and allows her to experience other people’s lives. She has always had a passion for what makes us truly human and thus has developed an eye for that in scripts ranging from drama, musical, horror or even animation. She constantly seeks out the humanity, the essence, the truth of the story while at the same time draws out its unique qualities. Her mission is to protect the vision of the filmmakers while at the same time guiding them to get their often, personal stories to truly resonate with audiences worldwide.

Extint works both in a group or individual basis according to the needs of each project or institution and often collaborates with international residencies, production companies and schools.

Please get in touch so we can discuss the specific needs of your project. We currently support scripts in English, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Polish, French and German, but if there is another language you need support in don’t hesitate to reach out.

I had the pleasure of working with Elina Fessa, and I am thoroughly impressed by her expertise and insight. Her ability to understand and connect with diverse stories is unparalleled. She doesn't just provide feedback; she immerses herself in your narrative, offering nuanced perspectives that truly elevate your work to the next level. Her guidance is invaluable, and her passion for storytelling is evident in every consultation.
Graciela Guerrero, Cine Qua Non Lab’s Program Director
Elina, as a script consultant, is very concise in her assessments. Her advice helped me a lot when it came to strengthening the plot and characters of my feature film treatment and her precision when it came to suggesting improvements that could be applied. I highly recommend her advice because thanks to her you can see results in record time``.
Eva Montoya, scriptwriter and participant of Coofilm 3
Elina advised me on different film projects I did. Her contribution was essential to understand the origin and personal background of my stories. In a journey of self-knowledge I travelled with Elina in the plot of the stories I wanted to tell.
Francesca Canepa, Writer/Director
Elina is a great professional. I have had the great fortune to have her as a tutor and she is a person who will always be willing to help you to get the best out of your story. I have often been lost or stuck at specific points in my script and she has always guided me along the best possible path to get to the point I wanted to get to. She is a person who helps you tell the story you want to tell so she always listens to you very carefully and supports you to achieve those goals.
Andrea Casaseca, Writer/Director
It was an honour to work with Elina, her contribution to the Master´s and the school in general was fundamental to both the design of the programme and the growth of the students, always generating a stimulating creative environment for students and teachers. Elina has the talent of being able to see the beauty in every project and help screenwriters find their voice and storytelling in a big way.
Juan Santa-Cruz, former director of the master's degree in film at EFTI
I've had the pleasure of knowing Elina for 15+ years and I can safely speak for her integrity, empathy, compassion and talent. She truly cares for the craft of filmmaking and her knowledge about the field is... well... gobsmacking. I've also seen her work with writers of all levels and nurture projects in a delicate, creative manner. Anyone working with Elina is in safe hands!
Christina Mitropoulou, Screenwriter - Head of Development, Athens Film Office