Still Water is the story of a young girl, who becomes terrified of the water when she loses her father to it. Twenty-five years later, she is forced to face this lifelong fear when she returns with her young son to Amorgos, the island on which she grew up and her son begins to fall in love with the sea.

Starring: Dioni Kourtaki, Yorgos Koutsogiannis, Nikol Kokkinou

Writer/Director Elina Fessa Producer Fay Katsari Producer Tobey List Cinematography Ming Kai Leung Music Aldo Shllaku Sound Design Paul Bercovitch


Best Woman Student Filmmaker Directors Guild of America Student Awards (2008)
Cinematic Achievement Award Aza Digital Cinema Festival (2008)
Gold Medal for Excellence Park City Film Music Festival (2009)

Berlinale Talent Campus (2009), Encounters Short Film Festival (2009), Rhode Island International Film Festival (2009), Drama International Film Festival (2008), Tirana International Film Festival (2009), New York Greek Film Festival (2009), Drama Semi-Finalist, Angelus Student Film Festival (2008)